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School of Wine

A visit to VieVinum also means getting to know many regions and myriad grape varieties in greater depth, along with the associated winemaking philosophies. The diversified programme of the School of Wine with its top-flight masterclasses is ideal for this. Presentations will be organised by winegrower groups from a wide range of nations, along with specialist media from Austria and Germany.

Register now for one of the tastings and look forward to fascinating wine knowledge!

Please note: To attend one of the masterclasses, a VieVinum ticket for the respective day is required in addition to the registration!


BURGRAUM 10.00 am-11.15 am
Free entry
Language: German
Registration required:

Moderation: Sascha Speicher

The Traditonsweingüter Wien have been dedicated to assessing the quality of their vineyard crus for over ten years now. They have meticulously selected a total of 12 single vineyards to be awarded Erste Lage status from the 2017 vintage on.
These Erste Lage vineyards are particularly unique, both in terms of their geology in combination with the microclimate, as well as in terms of their historical significance and the distinctive nature of their wine styles.
The six most outstanding Viennese vineyards shall now be tasted across three vintages to demonstrate their consistency and potential. Sascha Speicher, editor-in-chief at Meininger Verlag, will be moderating together with the winegrowers to illustrate the inimitability of each vineyard and explore the possibility of a Grosse Lage classification.