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Wine in Moderation

Wine in Moderation ("WIM") is a programme initiated by the European wine industry, advocating the consumption of wine in a responsible and conscious manner. , The AMWB and the Austrian Wine Academy have both supported the programme for years now, and serve as national coordinators for the programme in Austria.

The essential tasks of WIM are:

  • Initiatives promoting and encouraging social responsibility
  • Supporting the wine profession and encouraging responsible business operations
  • Raising consciousness among consumers via education concerning healthy and moderate drinking behaviour

Wine in Moderation is a centrally coordinated programme with a common message, implemented in a manner that is adjusted to cultural diversity, according to regional/national circumstances and characteristics.

The goal of this programme is to unite the entire wine sector, to improve the knowledge-standards of wine experts, and to introduce measures which impart to consumers the necessary information and competence with which to make informed decisions, encouraging them to enjoy wine in a moderate and consciously responsible fashion.