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That was VieVinum 2024 – showing signs of strength in the Austrian wine industry

From 25–27 May 2024, wineproducing Austria demonstrated that it knows very well how to provide positive impetus in times of challenge: 16,000 visitors from fifty-eight nations responded to the invitation and came to Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, setting a new attendance record for the wine fair. In addition to the significantly higher proportion of international attendees, exhibiting winegrowers and wine merchants were delighted to welcome even more visitors from the retail and hospitality sectors.

This year’s VieVinum wine fair came to a close on Monday with positive feelings all round. An important success, providing momentum to carry the existing enthusiasm for Austrian wine even further out into international markets, as Federal Minister Norbert Totschnig emphasised in his opening address. The teams from trade fair organiser M.A.C. Hoffmann and Österreich Wein Marketing (ÖWM) have always joined forces to make VieVinum a success. At the invitation of the ÖWM – Austrian Wine Marketing Board – more than 1,200 international retailers, sommeliers, restaurateurs and journalists came to the Hofburg Palace. The image of VieVinum as the loveliest wine fair in the world was reinforced by Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of the Austrian Winegrowers’ Association and member of parliament, in his speech: ‘With Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, we have the most elegant venue for any event of this kind. This shows how important wine is to us.’

New tasting zone

Over the three days of VieVinum, attendees enjoyed a multi-faceted tasting programme. Some 550 exhibitors from Austria and many other parts of the world showcased their wines, demonstrating just how diverse and dynamic the wine scene has become. In addition, new special programmes offered the opportunity to delve deeper into individual topics. For example, a tasting zone was set up where visitors could sample the award-winning wines of Sauvignon Selection 2024 from the Steiermark, alcohol-free wines as a major trend, and particularly priceworthy wines. Meanwhile, under the rubric ‘United Nations of Blaufränkisch’, there were more than one hundred Blaufränker from six countries waiting to be discovered at a tasting bar in the Hofburg Lounge.

Promoting the next generation

The spotlight also shone on the young generation of winegrowers. In 2022, VieVinum organiser Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann launched the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy – a cross-mentoring programme in which noted personalities from business and society act as mentors to young winegrowers for a few months. This year, thirteen young up-and-coming talents were accepted, who organised a master class at the fair and with their wines provided insights into their ways of thinking and goals for the future.

From Greece to Ukraine

Visitors were treated to some international flavour by this year’s guest country Greece, featuring autochthonous white grape varieties such as Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Muscat d’Alexandrie, Savatiano (Retsina) and the red-wine vines Agiorgitiko and Xinomavro. Delegations from the Germany’s Verein Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP) and Ukrainian winegrowers also presented their oenological treasures. Smaller groups or individual exhibitors were on hand from countries that included Georgia, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and the Czech Republic.

‘The Ultimate Riesling Comparison Challenge’

The School of Wine was also very popular, with a series of high-calibre guided tastings. This extremely varied programme featured topics such as ‘masterpieces from Zweigelt and top sweet wines’ from the region Neusiedlersee DAC, ‘analysing the future of Grüner Veltliner in a changing climate’ presented by Vinea Wachau or ‘the inimitable character and authenticity of single-vineyard wines’ by Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland.

Grüner Veltliner brought freshness in all its facets to the programme under the flag of Weinviertel DAC, as did a ‘view from the outside’ regarding Sekt Austria, along with Sauvignon Blanc from Welt.Meister.Winzern, cool-climate wines from ERUPTION Winzer from Vulkanland Steiermark and the playful master classes presented by Junge Wilde Winzer. Alcohol-free wines made their VieVinum debut and international wines were put on the stage by the guest country Greece – as well as by Wein & Co showing the great Brunello vintage 2019, along with affordable up-and-comers from Burgundy.

The national competition between Austria and Germany organised by the trade magazine Vinum, which was billed as the ‘ultimate Riesling comparison’, also proved to be exciting and entertaining. Under the direction of the two team leaders, Vinum editor Claudia Stern for Germany and Walter Kutscher from the Vienna Sommelier Association, this yielded a home-team victory for Austria.

Thirty years of event management

This VieVinum marks a special milestone for Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann. In 1994 – four years before the first VieVinum took place – her family founded the trade fair and event management agency M.A.C. Hoffmann, and is thus celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann said in her speech: ‘Like most wine estates in Austria, we are a family business. A company in which everyone takes part, and enjoys taking care of our clients’ needs. A company in which team spirit helps to overcome challenges and is therefore an important pillar of success.’ To mark the occasion, the VieVinum team – dressed in Dirndls from Wenger Austrian Style – staged the most frequently mentioned headlines from the past as large dialogue balloons.

Impressions, Experiences and Insights - a Review of the VieVinum Cross-Mentoring Programme 2024

Since the beginning of this year,13 young, aspiring winemakers have each been personally mentored by a successful personality from business and society as part of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy. With the beginning of VieVinum just around the corner, the tandems have taken stock of the fruits of their collaboration in a final presentation.

The young winegrowers approached their work with their assigned mentors with a mixture of hope and cautious expectation. Right from the start, each of the mentees were encouraged to actively engage with their mentor with clear ideas and goals. The M.A.C. Hoffmann team accompanied the tandems during their collaboration, provided advice and recorded their special moments in an online diary. The young winemakers also introduced themselves with profiles:

Certainly it was all a special time for Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann, organiser of the VieVinum wine fair and initiator of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy. "When VieVinum was founded by my family in 1998 and wine presentations like this were following new concepts, the guiding principle was to bring people together at trade fairs,” says Graski-Hoffmann. “I was lucky that my own family and professional environment have provided the sense and enthusiasm for supporting winemakers with potential. And that philosophy lives on in this programme. Being part of this academy is something that will last forever. A community that will hopefully stay in touch and support each other with advice and assistance.”

Masterclass at VieVinum

As part of VieVinum, the young winemakers will be holding a masterclass on Sunday, 26 May 2024. In the masterclass, moderated by wine expert Nicole Retter (Agentur für Wein & Strategie, Germany), the winemakers will introduce themselves individually with their own wine while providing insights into their thoughts and goals for the future.

From the Aegean to Sterea Ellada - Greece is the guest country at VieVinum 2024

A delegation of Greek wine producers is heading to Vienna. From 25 May to 27 May, they will present their wines at the HOFBURG Vienna under this year’s VieVinum guest country spotlight.

For a long time, the wines of Greece were relatively unrecognised. But today, this popular vacation destination is considered as one of the most exciting hotspots of the international wine scene. This is thanks to the increasing number of wineries focusing on indigenous grape varieties and producing world-class wines from them. Driving this trend is a young generation who, after studying oenology or gaining work experience in other countries, are bringing with them new perspectives and, above all, an appreciation for the unique terroir of their Greek homeland. These efforts are bearing fruit, with white grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Muscat d'Alexandrie and Savatiano (Retsina), and red varieties including Agiorgitiko and Xinomavro, found more and more frequently on wine lists of renowned restaurants and wine bars.

Volcanic rock, limestone or granite

Greece is considered as the first viticultural center of Europe. Many grape varieties that once reached the coasts of Italy and France – and spread from there - had been sent from Greek ports. Today, around 300 grape varieties are cultivated in vineyards covering around 110,000 hectares. And, after a period of international focus, indigenous varieties are once again gaining in importance. The vineyards are planted at up to 800 meters above sea level, predominantly on soils of volcanic rock, limestone and granite. The proximity of many wine-growing zones to the coast is distinctive, with the vines and soils being caressed by salty sea breezes. This gives the wines a taut, mineral character that makes them particularly appealing.

 The wines of VieVinum’s guest country, Greece, can be tasted in the Rittersaal or at the Masterclass on Sunday, 27 May 2024, from 15:15 to 16:30, in the Künstlerzimmer.

VieVinum – Preview of Exhibitors

In less than two months, the HOFBURG Vienna will once again host the best wineries from Austria and many from abroad as well. To prepare well, it's worth taking a look at the preview list of exhibitors available online.

Visitors to VieVinum 2024 can expect a sparkling welcome – literally! In the foyer of the HOFBURG Vienna, a wide range of sparkling wines from the three Sekt Austria categories will be presented. And close by, you can meet those inimitable Young & Wild Winemakers – the Junge Wilde Winzer (in the Gartensaal) and the winemakers from the Traisental region (in the Erzherzog Karl Saal), the Thermenregion (in the Seitenhalle), the Kremstal region (in the Prinz Eugen Saal), the Carnuntum and Wagram regions (in Gardehalle I and II), the Kamptal region (in the Forum) – and, from all of these regions, the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria).

From the Platzl to ...

High spirits and fine spirits – including Austrian schnaps, will await visitors on the Feststiege, where also the Austrian Wine Academy (Weinakademie Österreich) and the Sommelier Union Austria will be making their presence known. Further up the stairway is the Platzl: from here, you’ll have the option of tasting wines of the Wachau in the neighbouring Metternichsaal, or wines from Vienna (including those from the Traditional Wine Estates – the Traditionsweingüter Wien) and from Demeter-certified wineries, all in the Vorsaal. Also leading from the Platzl is the Seitengalerie, where winemakers from the Weinviertel will be at home. To the left, in the Festsaal, Burgenland winemakers will be flying the region’s vinophile flag, while in the Hofburg Lounge, to the right, the "United Nations of Blaufränkisch" will be sounding their call; they’ll be accompanied by the wine melodies of Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Greece. If you stay on course in the Seitengalerie, you’ll eventually reach the Zeremoniensaal, hosting wineries from the Steiermark (Styria). Also here will be representatives from the two Bergland wine-growing regions, Kärnten (Carinthia) and Oberösterreich (Upper Austria) – with the latter celebrating its premiere at VieVinum this year.

Focus Tasting in the Orchestergang

Between the Festsaal and the Wintergarten is the Orchestergang, to which a visit is recommended. During the three days of VieVinum, a diverse programme will be featured here: the presentation of Wein Steiermark’s award-winning Styrian wines – the Sauvignon Selection 2024; a close look at one of today’s major trend topics – non-alcoholic wines, and a good overview of the renowned wine magazine, Falstaff.

Greece, VDP and Ukraine

Wine lovers will find a strong international flavour in the Rittersaal, with the presentation of wines from this year's guest country, Greece. Then comes the Antekammer, where a delegation of Ukrainian winemakers and individual representatives from Italy, Spain and Georgia will be attracting the wine-curious. Further on is the Marmorsaal, which is dedicated to the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter – the VDP). And the Geheime Ratstube and Wintergarten are Falstaff’s hosting halls – both of these are under the wine magazine’s patronage.

Where is the School of Wine located?

For VieVinum visitors with a thirst for knowledge, it’s advantageous to locate the three rooms of the School of Wine in advance: On the ground floor is the Schatzkammersaal, which can be reached via the Gardehalle II; and on the first floor (Mezzanine) is the Burgraum (stairs at the entrance area of the Hofburg) and the Künstlerzimmer, via the Antekammer.

VieVinum 2024 – The School of Wine sets an extensive, fascinating programme

The countdown to VieVinum 2024 is on! Exhibitors from Austria and beyond are preparing for their appearance at the HOFBURG Vienna in May. Also, the School of Wine will be offering a wealth of specialist lectures that feature, amongst other themes, changes taking place in production and marketing. Early registration for preferred dates is recommended.

Rare grape varieties, the future of viticulture, great single-vineyard wines and their characteristics, and exciting new discoveries from famous origins – these are some of the topics that will be discussed by top international speakers at the School of Wine. The roster of highly respected names include Elena Rameder (Restaurant Aelium), Willi Balanjuk (A la Carte), Willi Klinger (brand ambassador and strategic consultant), Anne Krebiehl, MW (Vinous Media), Romana Echensperger, MW, Sascha Speicher (Meininger Verlag), Prof. Dr. Walter Kutscher (Vienna Sommelier Association), Miyuki Morimoto (Conrad Hotel Tokyo) and Raimonds Tomsons (best sommelier of the world).

Saturday, 25 May – Masterpieces & favourite wines

Chris Yorke, managing director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, will kick things off with an update on Austrian wine and the ceremonial presentation of the Bacchus Prize to two special wine personalities (9.15 a.m.). A little later, the Steirische Terroir- und Klassik Weingüter (STK) invite you on a journey through their most outstanding and best-known vineyards (9.45 a.m.). Following this will be the presentation of Zweigelt and top sweet wine masterpieces from the Neusiedlersee DAC region (11.30 a.m.). Members of Vinea Wachau will look at how Grüner Veltliner could change as the climate changes (12.00 noon), while the Rubin Carnuntum wineries will examine the similarities and distinctions of the 2015 and 2019 vintages (12.45 p.m.).

Those looking for the inimitable character and authenticity of single vineyard wines will find them at the masterclass held by the Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland (Renowned Wineries of Burgenland) at 2.00 p.m.. WEIN & CO has found a series of affordable up-and-comers from Burgundy, and Willi Klinger will present these at 2.45 p.m. The Austrian Wine Marketing Board has asked three absolute greats of the international sommelier scene to present their favourite Austrian wines – Raimonds Tomsons, from Latvia and currently the world’s best sommelier; French-born Pascaline Lepeltier, who is currently active in New York, and Reeze Choi, based in Hong Kong, will show their selections at 3.00 p.m. The Junge Wilde Winzer (Young & Wild Winemakers) group will present their – always controversial - masterclass, and advise us to say goodbye to standardised tasting concepts (4.00 p.m.). Clear advice will also be given from the ranks of Wein Steiermark (Wine from Styria), with Sauvignon Blanc as the trump card! (4.45 p.m.).

Sunday, 26 May – Provocative and daring

The School of Wine programme on VieVinum Sunday is as rich as ever. The first session will be conducted by Mittelburgenland DAC with a focus on the provocative question - is Blaufränkisch more appealing as a single varietal or as a cuvée partner? (9.30 a.m.). A bit later, the Traditionsweingüter Wien (Traditional Wine Estates of Vienna) will make their way through the Große Lage (Grand Cru) wines (10.00 a.m.). Under the banner of Weinviertel DAC, Grüner Veltliner with all of its facets will be in the spotlight (11.15 a.m.) and Neusiedlersee DAC will once again put Zweigelt and sweet wine masterpieces on centre stage (11.30 a.m.). The Thermenregion DAC takes a daring approach with their tasting theme, which will feature two rare varieties, Pinot Noir and Zierfandler (12.15 a.m.). And Sekt Austria goes cosmopolitan with experts from two different continents taking a look at these sparkling wines from the outside (1.15 p.m.).

"The Origin of Rosé" is the Rosalia DAC motto for its rosé competition - with Provence! (1.45 p.m.). Then, the young winemakers of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy will present wines that they predict will be trend-setters in their vinicultural future (2.30 p.m.). Greece, which is also this year's VieVinum guest country, conveys even more than holiday feelings; in this masterclass, Greek producers will outline the development of their winemaking throughout history - right up to today (3.15 p.m.). By the time VieVinum begins, this year's Concours Mondial du Sauvignon already will be history, but the Welt.Meister.Winzer will be presenting Sauvignon Blanc from vineyards that have often been the origin of that competition’s winning wines (3.45 p.m.). And once again, Germany, as the origin flag-bearer for Riesling, has invited its Austrian neighbour to a Riesling duel - organised as usual by the wine magazine, Vinum (4.30 p.m.).

Monday, 27 May – Affable and extreme wines

The Respekt-BIODYN group will open this VieVinum day by addressing questions and possible solutions regarding "The Future of Viticulture" (9.00 a.m.). Then, uplifting wines will be featured in the programme of the Eruption Winzer (Eruption Winemakers) from the Vulkanland Steiermark region - who will likely create some strong vibrations with their own vineyard classification (10.00 a.m.). New to the School of Wine is ARGE Heumilch, who has already produced numerous publications on cheese and wine pairing, and now invite you to become a master of cheese and wine combinations (11.00 a.m.). Chardonnay is the basis for some of the world's best sparkling wines, and Aurore Jeudy, cellar master at Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei, provides insights into her approach to this variety for Sekt Austria (11.45 a.m.). It will be a bit of a freak show by the Junge Wilde Winzer when they pit their most well-behaved wines against their most extreme wines (1.00 p.m.). The Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria) will report on their future plans and ambitions at their press conference (1.45 p.m.). Finally, WEIN & CO concludes the series of masterclasses at the School of Wine with another high profile feature: brand ambassador Willi Klinger will present the great 2019 Brunello vintage (2.15 p.m.).

Here you can find the entire programme and select your favourite masterclasses.

VieVinum 2024 - Kick-off Dedicated to the New Generation

From 25 May to 27 May 2024, the glittering HOFBURG Vienna will once again serve as the beautiful setting for Austria's renowned international wine trade fair, VieVinum. The countdown to the big event has already begun with the selection of young winemakers who qualified for the accompanying cross-mentoring programme as part of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy.

It is the central networking platform for the Austrian wine sector: Every two years, VieVinum attracts winemakers, wine experts and wine lovers from all around the world to Vienna. A key component of this event is the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy with its cross-mentoring programme for young winemakers. Established by Alexandra Graski-Hoffman in memory of her father, VieVinum-founder Gerd A. Hoffmann, and with awareness of the world’s increasingly competitive wine market, the academy and it’s programme  - under the  patronage of Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of the Austrian Winegrowers Association - bring together young winegrowers who are mentored for several months by renowned Austrian business professionals and society personalities. The exchanging of experiences will cover a range of topics and questions about everyday business life, internationalisation, the circular economy and digitalisation.

Sustainability, Positioning ...

This year, 13 promising young talents were selected and matched, based on their interests, with the appropriate mentors. As the kick-off event, the first big get-together of all mentees and mentors was held on Tuesday, 30 January, at the Members Club Am Hof 8 in downtown Vienna.  Accompanied by a fine selection of wines, mutual expectations and goals were formulated and the first concrete measures were reported. "We immediately hit it off,” said winemaker Alexander Paul about his mentor meeting. “My mentor, Elisabeth Zehetner (Managing Director of oecolution austria) can give me ideal advice on the topic of sustainability and offer me many opportunities to present my wines." Winemaker Susanne Riepl recounted how the first meeting with her mentor, Thomas Neusiedler (CEO, Helvetia Insurance Austria), seemed to pass so quickly, and how they had discussed positioning in detail. Also in attendance were some alumni from the previous year, such as winemaker Katharina Baumgartner. "You get to know so many new people through this programme,” she reflected. “And the great thing is that contact with the mentors continues beyond VieVinum. It's great what the VieVinum team offers here!"

Into the Future with Power and Confidence

The atmosphere at this first get-together was marked by enthusiasm and excitement about the new sense of optimism. VieVinum organiser Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann is delighted with the successful start: "We are celebrating our 30th anniversary as a trade fair and event organiser this year. And my wish is for this programme to strengthen our community even further, open new perspectives for all of the participants, and that we’ll head into the next VieVinum years with power and confidence." Chris Yorke, Managing Director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, VieVinum’s most important cooperation partner, also sees great benefits for the young winemakers. "We are a wine country that produces very high-quality and environmentally conscious wines, and we combine exciting contrasts such as modernity and tradition,” he said. “That's why I'm a strong advocate of this cross-mentoring programme. Because these young people are the future."

That was VieVinum 2022 – a triumphant return, qualitative growth

VieVinum, dedicated this spring to new beginnings: After a four-year hiatus, Austria’s wine industry clicked into gear and showed off a brilliant dynamic from 21–23 May 2022 in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, effectively placing its focus on trade visitors, a sophisticated ‘School of Wine’ and new digital services. In addition, the event shone a particular spotlight on the coming generation of Austrian winegrowers and their visions for the future.

For three days, the halls and chambers of Vienna’s Hofburg Palace came alive with the sounds of great wines being poured and the omnipresent joy of colleagues greeting each other once again and tasting together. The targeted approach of VieVinum organiser M.A.C. Hoffmann, to focus this year on trade participants and thus offer exhibitors and visitors more space and more time for individual discussions, turned out to be right on the mark. The courage shown in this – to reduce the scope & concentrate on greater detail – proved to be a key factor in the trade fair’s success.

Professionalism & ease

‘It’s so good to see the wine family reunited,’ said VieVinum organiser Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann in her welcome address. Austria’s Secretary of State for Tourism Susanne Kraus-Winkler delivered the opening remarks, in which she emphasised the importance of establishing personal contacts when such an emotionally loaded topic as wine is involved, along with highlighting the economic significance of VieVinum to the tourism sector. Winegrowers’ Association President Johannes Schmuckenschlager referred in his welcoming speech to the prolonged anticipation surrounding the return of VieVinum among all those involved in the Austrian wine industry, and underscored the trade fair’s great and lasting importance. Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) CEO Chris Yorke reported with great satisfaction that a record number of international trade visitors had travelled to VieVinum at their invitation. And Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann praised Austrian winegrowers in no uncertain terms, saying: ‘The special artistry of Austrian growers in presenting their great wines, this successful mixture of professionalism and fluid expression, is an important factor in the charm of VieVinum – and this also characterises our philosophy as organiser.’

Concentrating positive forces

Since 1998, Austria’s international wine festival has documented the careers and progress of Austrian winegrowers every two years. Right from the start, the trade fair organiser M.A.C. Hoffmann and the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) have shared equally in providing expertise and innovative spirit. This year more than one thousand international retailers, sommeliers, restaurateurs and journalists came to VieVinum at the invitation of the AWMB. Thanks to excellent vintages like 2019, 2020 & 2021, the stage could not have been set any better.

A badge of honour for Willi Klinger

And aside from happenings at the trade fair itself, Willi Klinger was given a special honour as the longtime CEO of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and current managing director of Austrian retail chain Wein & Co. Secretary of State Susanne Kraus-Winkler awarded the Republic of Austria’s Golden Medal of Honour to Willi Klinger at a festive ceremony in the company of many colleagues.

The Alps & Mount Etna: opposites attract

Some five hundred winegrowers from near and far presented their finest wines for tasting. In addition to the customary focus on Austria, the fair also featured exhibitors from numerous European wine regions, along with many from overseas. Winegrower groups from Südtirol and Sicily enjoyed special status as guests of honour this year: two winegrowing regions under the Italian flag that, after years of slumber, have recently become two of the most fashionable regions on the international stage, and clearly worked their vinous magic on visitors to VieVinum.

Wine school, and an international match ends undecided ...

Attending ‘school’ and tasting some of the most exciting wines at VieVinum – visitors made good use of this opportunity. The ‘lesson plan’ explored topics such as origins, grape variety and styles of wine, along with overarching factors such as biodynamics and vineyard classification, moderated by highly regarded personalities on the international wine scene. The two guest winegrowing regions South Tirol and Sicily also enriched the proceedings with guided tastings, in which they examined their respective indigenous grape varieties. The result of the traditional wine-country competition organised by the magazine Vinum was awaited with great excitement, in which the 2019-vintage ‘Riesling-eleven’ from the ranks of Germany’s VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter) went up against a team fielded by the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (ÖTW). The contest resulted in a draw for the first time, although lack of complete agreement as to the victor is also traditional.

New digital services

In order to enable participants to quickly find the wine they sought, or to connect with the right trading partner, VieVinum’s organisers made two new digital services available. Pursuant to the slogan ‘never again forget a good wine’, visitors could set up a personal digital tasting booklet from the online list of exhibitors. Meanwhile, the B2match-app helped to make establishing business contacts easier and more efficient.

The future of wine

In autumn of 2021, VieVinum organiser Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann launched the Gerd A. Hoffmann Akademie in memory of her father, the founder of VieVinum. A programme of cross-mentoring was offered in which, for the first time, twenty-four promising young winegrowers had the opportunity to exchange ideas with well-known personalities from the business world and society, covering fields such as digitisation, recycling management, tourism and the further development of the individual wine estate. Their closing presentation, in which they presented their summarisations, had taken place beforehand; at VieVinum they offered a master class on the subject ‘The Future of Wine’.

VieVinum special offer: Stölzle glasses & wine refrigerators

After the trade fair is before the sale! Stölzle glasses from the ‘Experience’ series are now available at a special price of €15 per box (6 pieces). The glasses can be ordered at In addition, high-quality wine refrigerators and climate-control cabinets are available in various sizes – and at attractive prices. Information at +43 2262 625 46 or

Notable quotes from exhibitors & visitors:

Sigi Hiss, magazines Vinum and Fine
‘The level of achievement for everyone involved in the organisation was simply tops. One just thinks differently here than at other trade fairs. And what the AWMB accomplishes, with their great attention to detail, is not to be taken for granted.’

Wolfgang Rosam, publisher, Falstaff
‘It really is the loveliest wine fair in the world; I’ve been saying that for years. We had a great performance once more from the international winegrowers. Everybody is happy.’

Ralf Kaiser, journalist, Germany
‘After a four-year layoff, it was a great opportunity to get an overview of Austrian wine, especially the 2019 & 2021 vintages, which were very successful.’

Marcus Johst, journalist, Germany
‘I am particularly impressed with the guided tastings and have attended many of them. This focused tasting format offers a great opportunity for sensory education.’

Helga Schroeder, Master Sommelière, Germany
‘As always, everything was clearly and concisely structured; I also thought the master classes were great, as were the events of the supporting programme in the evenings.’

Johann Artner, Sommelier, Restaurant Tantris, Germany
‘I’m totally thrilled; VieVinum simply sets its own standards.’

Josef M. Schuster, Kastner AllesWein
‘For me, the best VieVinum ever. Just the right number of visitors. One can tell from the attention paid to detail, how much thought went into the organisation.’

Paul Truszkowski, Suff wine merchant, Berlin
‘VieVinum offers the loveliest atmosphere imaginable, and the Austrian winegrowers are simply marvellous. This is also a good place for networking.’

Dietmar Baumgartner, Blue Moon Eisenberg
‘It was well attended but not overcrowded; the winegrowers had time for discussions and we were able to taste quite effectively.’

Franziska Kerner, Restaurant Unkai in the Grand Hotel Vienna
‘Winegrowers and wines were just great. It was a lot of fun, and the free day was well spent.’

Marie Christin Baunach, sommelière, Restaurant Überfahrt, Germany
‘For me, this is simply the best wine fair. One could taste in a relaxed fashion, and also had time for discussions. I will gladly come again.’

Lukas Hittinger, Hittinger’s Genuss
‘Here you have all sorts of winegrowers together in one place. I found the Demeter theme very engaging.’

Herbert Schmid, noted sommelier, Austria
‘One doesn’t get such a great all-round view of the wine scene every day. All styles are represented here, with a huge range of vintages.’

Thomas Neusiedler, Helvetia Austria
‘VieVinum is back! Everyone was happy that it was being held again. The quality of the wines offered is consistently outstanding.’

Sophie Countess Goëss-Enzenberg, winegrower, South Tirol
‘Interest in the wines of Südtirol was very great. Many thanks for organising this!’

Christian Bauer, representative for Sicilia DOC
‘The feedback was very positive and the winegrowers want to come back to the next VieVinum.’

Luzia Schrampf, journalist, Austria
‘I went on the “Mission Blaufränkisch”. Organisation was fantastic and I also heard from international colleagues how much they enjoyed VieVinum.’

Peter Weirather, journalist, Austria
‘Everything was optimally organised; clear to see that people enjoy meeting face-to-face once more.’

Florian Scheuba, cabaret artist & wine lover
‘A festival of reunions. It’s fantastic that VieVinum is held at the Hofburg Palace; that makes it even more special.’

Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler, winegrower, Unterloiben
‘We had a great audience, many international and domestic retailers; on Monday a good number of restaurateurs as well.’

Kurt Feiler-Artinger, winegrower, Rust
‘It was a very positive experience for me. A great group of visitors, and quite attentive.’

Gregor Stiegelmar, winegrower, Gols
‘Everything was great; we had only serious, enthusiastic and highly professional tasters.’

Stefan Zehetbauer, winegrower, Schützen am Gebirge
‘The AWMB did a really great job by inviting the international crew. From day one onward, the atmosphere was absolutely terrific. Kudos to M.A.C. Hoffmann for the organisation and their standard of service. The Hofburg Palace is simply the ideal venue for VieVinum.’

Gerhard Wohlmuth, winegrower, Kitzeck
‘VieVinum was very successful for us. Many familiar trade visitors but many new ones as well, and all this in the wonderful setting of the Vienna Hofburg.’

Josef Scharl, winegrower, Sankt Anna am Aigen
‘That was the best VieVinum for me so far. Beautifully organised. I had tastings with many restaurateurs, and with international visitors; just a super cool crowd.’

Fritz Wieninger, winegrower, Vienna
‘The quality of the contacts was better than ever before.’

Michael Liegenfeld, winegrower, Donnerskirchen
‘It was a great success for us, better than we had hoped. We are already looking forward to the next VieVinum.’

And the next VieVinum will take place on 25–27 May 2024!

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VieVinum 2022 - Who would you like to meet?

This coming Saturday, 21 May 2022, Austria's wine trade fair, VieVinum, will kick off at the HOFBURG Vienna. And trade visitors in particular will benefit from the newly installed B2match app, which enables them to find suitable trade partners with pinpoint accuracy.

Tasting a wine at a trade fair stand – and you already know whether

parameters such as production method, price or available quantity meet your expectations? Or even whether a certain target market is right for distribution? The B2match app makes it easy and efficient to initiate business at VieVinum. Thanks to numerous filter options, it takes just a few clicks to find out whether a winery's offer matches the needs of interested parties. Time-consuming research or advance communication is a thing of the past.

Find the trade partner you‘re looking for - with just a few clicks

In the run-up to the fair, exhibitors and trade visitors are asked to register on B2match and create a profile. The next step is for the exhibitors to specify which wines they offer, while trade visitors indicate what they are looking for in the "I’m searching for" field. The more complete the profile, the more precisely matches can be generated and the higher is the visibility. Now it‘s time to actively approach others with an appointment request. A description of why you are interested in a meeting increases the likelihood that the request will be accepted. The accepted meeting requests are automatically scheduled in the agenda. This is available via the app, and can be transferred to a personal calendar or be printed out.

For those who did not not have the opportunity for an in-depth discussion at VieVinum, B2match can still be used until 21 June 2022 for further appointment requests with potential trade partners.

To the b2match-App

VieVinum 2022 - Never forget a good wine again!

When the HOFBURG Vienna turns into the marketplace of good wine once again - from 21 to 23 May - of utmost importance will be to quickly find the wine you‘re seeking or to meet the right trade partners. Now VieVinum offers two new digital services for these pursuits!

Good preparation is a key success factor for visiting a trade fair. It’s important to efficiently plan a personal tasting programme according to needs and preferences and to allow time for spontaneous discoveries as well. Guided by the principle "never forget a good wine again", VieVinum organiser M.A.C. Hoffmann, in cooperation with the company, is providing the exhibitor directory as a digital tasting booklet. Simply create a user account, mark your favourites in advance, and print out the individual tasting booklet in the handy A5 format. At VieVinum itself, additional exhibitors can be added via QR code. Likewise, you can remain entirely digital and export the tasting notes later as Excel or PDF.
Available at:

School of Wine – In-depth commented tastings

Head to the classroom and taste some of the most exciting wines at VieVinum: In the School of Wine, groups of winemakers will be taking part in masterclasses that feature topics such as origin, grape variety and style, or even extended themes like biodynamics and site classification. It’s best to secure your tasting slots as soon as possible:

VieVinum 2022
Saturday, 21 May to Monday, 23 May 2022
HOFBURG Vienna, Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna

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VieVinum 2022 - The School of Wine Programme is Online!

From 21 to 23 May 2022, VieVinum will once again bring together the best wineries from Austria and many parts of the world at the HOFBURG Vienna. A major highlight is the new School of Wine, where you can taste and learn about the wine scene’s latest and greatest; where an in-depth look at Austria as a wine country will be conducted through a series of masterclasses that feature international groups of winemakers and wines. Timely registration for preferred participation dates is highly recommended.

Winemaker groups and wine specialist magazines literally outdo each other with the exciting topics on the School of Wine timetable. And in keeping with the "learn from the best" motto, they’ve engaged many internationally prominent names in the wine industry for moderat-ing the masterclasses. Among them are Pepi Schuller, MW; Suwi Zlatic (National Sommelier Champion); Sascha Speicher (Meininger Verlag publishing house); Rudolf Knoll (Vinum maga-zine); Prof. Dr. Walter Kutscher (sommelier trainer); Peter Moser (Falstaff magazine); Willi Bal-anjuk (A la Carte magazine); Caro Maurer, MW; Heidi Mäkinen, MW, and Stefan Neumann, MS.

Saturday, 21 May - From Grounded to Explosive

In some places, Grüner Veltliner sees red. The winemakers of the Wagram region are pushing this - and have made it the subject of their masterclass (9:30 am). Red is also the colour that winemakers from the Neusiedlersee DAC and Rubin Carnuntum wine regions jointly dedicate themselves to; they’ll be demonstrating the versatility and strength of the Zweigelt variety (10 am). Of historical significance for the Austrian wine sector is the Weinviertel DAC designation of origin - its 20th anniversary is being marked by a major tasting highlight (11 am). With the self-explanatory ex-pression "wines of kings and kings of wines", thewinemakers of Neusiedlersee DAC and Freis-tadt Rust will raise the flags for their excellent sweet wines (11:30 am). The winemakers of the Thermenregion will compete for wine history greatness with valuable and historic grape varieties (12 pm). And the young winemakers of the new VieVinum Mentoring Projects will address the question of the future of wine with confidence - and an impressive selec-tion of wines (2 pm). The two guest wine regions of Sicily (1 pm) and South Tyrol (3 pm) will provide a variety of wines from international climes. And the wine trade magazine, Vinum, will be conducting its traditional country competition, pitting Rieslings of the 2019 vintage from the ranks of Germany’s VDP (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates) against those of Austria’s ÖTW (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria) (4 pm).

Monday, 23 May - Real Crackers

On this day, the early bird catches the good wine - beginning with a tasting held by the two fac-tions, Demeter Austria and respekt-BIODYN (9 am). Real crackers will permeate the HOFBURG Vienna, thanks to the Austrian Sparkling Wine Committee and the inspiring styles of Sekt Austria (9 am) as well as through the VDP.Prädikatsweingüter, who will be reflecting the vibrance and sparkle of the VDP.SEKT.STATUT (10:45 am). Immerse yourself in the world of Sauvignon Blanc from the region of Styria at the Wein Steiermark masterclass (10:30 am). This will focus on the diversity of Styrian Sauvignon Blanc and its differences in origin within the Styr-ian classification pyramid. Their roles as pioneers and visionaries over the past 30 years will be the subject of a press conference conducted by the Österreichischen Traditionsweingüter (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria) (1:30 pm), while the Verband Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland (Blau-fränkisch Mittelburgenland Association) invites you to let your curiosity take flight and experience the origin and single vineyard character of the Blaufränkisch variety (2:15 pm). And finally, under the direction of managing director Willi Klinger, Wein & Co will be popping the corks again with "Champagne Beyond the Mainstream" (3 pm).

And now, it’s time to quickly select your favourite masterclasses and register at:

VieVinum 2022
Saturday, 21 May to Monday, 23 May 2022
HOFBURG Vienna, Heldenplatz,
1010 Vienna

Tina Patronovits | M.A.C. Hoffmann & Co GmbH
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