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School of Wine

A visit to VieVinum also means getting to know many regions and myriad grape varieties in greater depth, along with the associated winemaking philosophies. The diversified programme of the School of Wine with its top-flight masterclasses is ideal for this. Presentations will be organised by winegrower groups from a wide range of nations, along with specialist media from Austria and Germany.

Register now for one of the tastings and look forward to fascinating wine knowledge!

Please note: To attend one of the masterclasses, a VieVinum ticket for the respective day is required in addition to the registration!


BURGRAUM 02.00 pm-03.15 pm
Free entry
Language: German and English
Registration required:

The Renowned Wineries of Burgenland present their wines from the best vineyard sites in Burgenland.
The focus is on terroir. Various soils and microclimates lend the wines of the Renowned Wineries of Burgenland inimitable character and authenticity. The wines of the RWB speak of incomparable origins. Ranging from the mineral gravel and sandy loam of the plain, the shell limestone and mica schist of the Leitha Mountains and Ruster Hügelland, or the calcareous loam and clay soils of Mittelburgenland, and ferruginous soils of Südburgenland, very diverse conditions leave their unique imprints on the wines of Burgenland.
Join the winegrowers of the Renowned Wineries of Burgenland on a journey of discovery. Explore and taste great growths from the best vineyards of Burgenland.