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School of Wine

A visit to VieVinum also means getting to know many regions and myriad grape varieties in greater depth, along with the associated winemaking philosophies. The diversified programme of the School of Wine with its top-flight masterclasses is ideal for this. Presentations will be organised by winegrower groups from a wide range of nations, along with specialist media from Austria and Germany.

Register now for one of the tastings and look forward to fascinating wine knowledge!

Please note: To attend one of the masterclasses, a VieVinum ticket for the respective day is required in addition to the registration!


KÜNSTLERZIMMER 11.00 am-12.15 pm
Free entry
Language: German
Registration required:

Welcome to the haymilk-cheese and wine masterclass! There is hardly a culinary combination that is as well-known as cheese and wine and at the same time invites you to discover new possibilities. From sparkling wines and white wines to red wines - find out which flavour profiles harmonize best with different types of cheese. As ARGE Heumilch and certified cheese sommeliers, we are delighted to share our knowledge with you about the production, maturing and storage of cheese and the special role that haymilk plays in cheese production. Together, we will explore harmonious pairings and give you valuable tips on which special features to look out for when selecting cheese in order to maximize the taste experience of cheese and wine. Let us take you on a culinary journey and become a master of cheese and wine pairings!