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VieVinum – Preview of Exhibitors

In less than two months, the HOFBURG Vienna will once again host the best wineries from Austria and many from abroad as well. To prepare well, it's worth taking a look at the preview list of exhibitors available online.

Visitors to VieVinum 2024 can expect a sparkling welcome – literally! In the foyer of the HOFBURG Vienna, a wide range of sparkling wines from the three Sekt Austria categories will be presented. And close by, you can meet those inimitable Young & Wild Winemakers – the Junge Wilde Winzer (in the Gartensaal) and the winemakers from the Traisental region (in the Erzherzog Karl Saal), the Thermenregion (in the Seitenhalle), the Kremstal region (in the Prinz Eugen Saal), the Carnuntum and Wagram regions (in Gardehalle I and II), the Kamptal region (in the Forum) – and, from all of these regions, the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria).

From the Platzl to ...

High spirits and fine spirits – including Austrian schnaps, will await visitors on the Feststiege, where also the Austrian Wine Academy (Weinakademie Österreich) and the Sommelier Union Austria will be making their presence known. Further up the stairway is the Platzl: from here, you’ll have the option of tasting wines of the Wachau in the neighbouring Metternichsaal, or wines from Vienna (including those from the Traditional Wine Estates – the Traditionsweingüter Wien) and from Demeter-certified wineries, all in the Vorsaal. Also leading from the Platzl is the Seitengalerie, where winemakers from the Weinviertel will be at home. To the left, in the Festsaal, Burgenland winemakers will be flying the region’s vinophile flag, while in the Hofburg Lounge, to the right, the "United Nations of Blaufränkisch" will be sounding their call; they’ll be accompanied by the wine melodies of Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Greece. If you stay on course in the Seitengalerie, you’ll eventually reach the Zeremoniensaal, hosting wineries from the Steiermark (Styria). Also here will be representatives from the two Bergland wine-growing regions, Kärnten (Carinthia) and Oberösterreich (Upper Austria) – with the latter celebrating its premiere at VieVinum this year.

Focus Tasting in the Orchestergang

Between the Festsaal and the Wintergarten is the Orchestergang, to which a visit is recommended. During the three days of VieVinum, a diverse programme will be featured here: the presentation of Wein Steiermark’s award-winning Styrian wines – the Sauvignon Selection 2024; a close look at one of today’s major trend topics – non-alcoholic wines, and a good overview of the renowned wine magazine, Falstaff.

Greece, VDP and Ukraine

Wine lovers will find a strong international flavour in the Rittersaal, with the presentation of wines from this year's guest country, Greece. Then comes the Antekammer, where a delegation of Ukrainian winemakers and individual representatives from Italy, Spain and Georgia will be attracting the wine-curious. Further on is the Marmorsaal, which is dedicated to the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter – the VDP). And the Geheime Ratstube and Wintergarten are Falstaff’s hosting halls – both of these are under the wine magazine’s patronage.

Where is the School of Wine located?

For VieVinum visitors with a thirst for knowledge, it’s advantageous to locate the three rooms of the School of Wine in advance: On the ground floor is the Schatzkammersaal, which can be reached via the Gardehalle II; and on the first floor (Mezzanine) is the Burgraum (stairs at the entrance area of the Hofburg) and the Künstlerzimmer, via the Antekammer.