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Impressions, Experiences and Insights - a Review of the VieVinum Cross-Mentoring Programme 2024

Since the beginning of this year,13 young, aspiring winemakers have each been personally mentored by a successful personality from business and society as part of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy. With the beginning of VieVinum just around the corner, the tandems have taken stock of the fruits of their collaboration in a final presentation.

The young winegrowers approached their work with their assigned mentors with a mixture of hope and cautious expectation. Right from the start, each of the mentees were encouraged to actively engage with their mentor with clear ideas and goals. The M.A.C. Hoffmann team accompanied the tandems during their collaboration, provided advice and recorded their special moments in an online diary. The young winemakers also introduced themselves with profiles:

Certainly it was all a special time for Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann, organiser of the VieVinum wine fair and initiator of the Gerd A. Hoffmann Academy. "When VieVinum was founded by my family in 1998 and wine presentations like this were following new concepts, the guiding principle was to bring people together at trade fairs,” says Graski-Hoffmann. “I was lucky that my own family and professional environment have provided the sense and enthusiasm for supporting winemakers with potential. And that philosophy lives on in this programme. Being part of this academy is something that will last forever. A community that will hopefully stay in touch and support each other with advice and assistance.”

Masterclass at VieVinum

As part of VieVinum, the young winemakers will be holding a masterclass on Sunday, 26 May 2024. In the masterclass, moderated by wine expert Nicole Retter (Agentur für Wein & Strategie, Germany), the winemakers will introduce themselves individually with their own wine while providing insights into their thoughts and goals for the future.