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Terms and conditions

For the sake of clarity and consistency of spelling, no differentiation is made in the language of this text between masculine & feminine grammatical forms. We intend for the traditionally masculine form to be inclusive of all genders.

Purpose of the Exhibition

The exhibition is a consultation, information and performance show. Its purpose is to provide information and advice. All presentations must comply with the purpose of the exhibition.

Table booking – Registration – General info

Booking of tables is made digitally and is binding and irrevocable for the exhibitor (subject to acceptance by the organiser). A binding reservation shall only be considered to have been made upon punctual receipt of the specified deposit according to the offer and according to these terms & conditions. A mere written registration is not sufficient for this purpose. If the deposit is not paid on time, no further reservation of the desired number of tables will be held.
Registration will be considered in the order of its arrival, timely remittance of the deposit and the availability of the tables.
There is no right to a specific stand. In principle, exhibitors shall be grouped according to regions or according to associations and spatial availability, provided they have registered in time.
After invoicing, the agreed stand rent minus the down payment already made is due and transferred to the organizer's account.
The exhibitors are obliged to keep the tables occupied during the VieVinum opening hours.
All exhibitors must have a valid trade license.
Subletting and third-party participation is not permitted.
No liability is assumed for inadvertently missing entries or incorrect information in various publications (online/offline).
As a participant of VieVinum, the exhibitor acknowledges and agrees to the terms & conditions and later information from the organizer. Violations of these will result in the exclusion of the exhibitor. If an allocated seat cannot be made available, the exhibitor is only entitled to a refund of the table price paid, after deducting the costs incurred by the organizer. In addition, the exhibitors cannot assert any claims for compensation against the organizer.
The contract between the exhibitor and the organizer is subject to Austrian substantive law to the exclusion of the referral norms. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

Amendments – Side Agreements

Any amendments and side agreements to this contract shall be made in writing for their validity.

Withdrawal of the Registration

When the registration is cancelled, 50% of the stand rental fee shall be due to the organizer as cancellation fee.
From eight weeks prior to the beginning of the event, this special provision shall be excluded and the entire stand rental shall be payable as cancellation fee. In both cases, the cancellation fee shall be understood as flat-rate compensation and, therefore, the parties shall forgo any reduction of this compensation claim for whatever reason, even though they are related to claims for the adjustment of profits.

Refusal of the Registration

The organizer shall at any time be entitled to refuse the registration of an exhibitor, if and when settlement or bankruptcy proceedings were initiated against the Exhibitor, or are imminent, claims from prior fairs have not been paid, or goods that do not conform to the topic of the exhibition are to be exhibited.
The organizer shall be free to refuse registrations without reason.
To the extent necessary in the interest of the event, the organizer shall be entitled to allocate to the renter any other table at any other location, alter the size and dimensions of their stand, change or close entrances to, and exits from, the venue, and make any other changes. An exhibitor shall not acquire any legal right to admission to further exhibitions by a single admission.
When an allocated space cannot be disposed of by the exhibitor, the latter shall only be entitled to a refund of the paid table rental.
Any further claims, in particular claims for damages, shall be excluded.

Terms of payment

The offer or registration is considered accepted and binding when the specified remittance indicated in the offer is deposited within seven (7) days to the account of M.A.C. Hoffmann & Co. GmbH:
Raiffeisenlandesbank NOE-WIEN, IBAN: AT58 3200 0000 0703 5322, BIC: RLNWATWW.
A binding registration shall only exist upon punctual receipt of the aforementioned deposit, according to the offer and according to these terms & conditions. Mere written registration is not sufficient. If the specified deposit is not paid in time, no further reservation of the number of tables indicated can be held.
After invoicing, the agreed booth rental fee – minus the deposit already paid – is due immediately and is to be transferred to the organiser’s account above.
Any claims must be lodged immediately upon receipt of the invoice to be considered.

Exhibition Places, Subletting

The exhibitor undertakes to keep their exhibition places occupied during all opening hours. The clearance and dismantling of tables prior to the termination of the event shall be prohibited. The reletting or subrenting (even partially) of exhibition area shall only be possible by written consent of the organizer. The organizer is entitled to dispose of exhibition areas that have not been occupied until the official opening of the event. The full costs shall be paid.

Special Events

Special events, music performances, video and audio presentations etc. at the exhibition places shall be subject to notification and may only be performed upon prior written consent of the organizer.

Violation of the Terms and Conditions

Non-compliance or infringement of the terms & conditions and non-observance of administrative directives in the context of the event shall entail the immediate closure and clearance of the exhibition stand – without legal proceedings. This shall be done at the exhibitor’s risk and expense. The orders of the exhibition management and their authorized representatives shall be obeyed at all times.


The organizer shall be granted the right of lien to all goods of any kind, which are brought to the exhibition site by the exhibitor, for outstanding and legitimate claims against the exhibitor. The organizer shall be entitled to retain, and store at the exhibitor’s risk and expense, the goods taken in pawn.

Changes in Venue and Date

In case the exhibition cannot take place due to force majeure, strikes or political events, the organizer shall nevertheless be entitled to claim a compensation of 25% of the space rental fee from the exhibitor, provided the implementation of the event is not justified. The exhibitor shall have no right to claim damages for non-performance.

Filming and Photographing

The organizer shall have the right to film and take photographs on the exhibition grounds for their own or general publication purposes. In this context, the exhibitor shall renounce any claims arising from copyright.


The organizer does not assume any liability for lost or damaged objects or equipment provided by the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage whatsoever caused by themselves, by their employees, authorized representatives or visitors, the organizer having to be indemnified and held harmless in this respect. This shall apply for the duration of the event, and for the setup and dismantling periods.


Advertising and/or the distribution of advertising material shall only be permitted at the exhibitor’s own presentation table.


The cleaning of the general parts of the exhibition area will be carried out by the organizer.

Stand Design

Although the design of the stand on the allocated space is the exhibitor’s concern, it is subject to special provisions at VieVinum.
Additional space and/or tables shall be charged separately.
Each and every exhibitor shall have exactly the same requirements regarding the presentation of their wines. No advertising media such as roll-ups, quick-fix walls, foldable walls, balloons, stand-up displays etc. shall be allowed!
The storage of wine boxes on top of the fridges shall not be permitted.
The additional special exhibition conditions shall apply for VieVinum. Advertising and the distribution of advertising material beyond the exhibition space shall not be permitted.

Fire-safety precautions

According to the fire authority, the use of styrofoam and other easily inflammable objects (carpets, curtains and decoration material) shall be prohibited unless impregnated with fire retardants (an attestation being mandatory).
Fire extinguishing equipment and corridors must be kept free at all times.
Packaging material must not be stored in corridors.


Electric facilities and installations must comply with the relevant provisions. The power connection of the booth to the grid of the event building shall be established by the electrician authorized by the organizer. Individual installations shall only be carried out upon prior consent of the competent in-house electrician.

Supplementary Provisions

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of the HOFBURG Vienna.
Animals of any kind are not permitted in the exhibition rooms.


The organizer accepts no liability for objects and auxiliary equipment left at the stands after the end of the fair; exhibitors shall exercise due care.

Data Protection

M.A.C. Hoffmann & Co. GmbH only uses your data to fulfil the contract. Your data is handled carefully and will only be disclosed for fair purposes to our partners (e.g. booths design/building, advertising in fair guides and online exhibitor lists, press relations, etc.). You can find further information on how we use your data and your rights in our privacy policy on our website

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