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School of Wine

A visit to VieVinum also means getting to know wine regions, grape varieties and the associated winemaking philosophies in depth. The richly diverse programme at the School of Wine, with its top-level masterclasses, is ideal for this. Organisers include the trade media from Austria and Germany as well as wine producer groups from various nations.


RITTERSAAL 04.00 p.m. – 05.15 p.m.
Free entry
Language: German
Registration required:

A range of grape varieties have featured in the previous national competitions between an Austrian ‘eleven’ and a team from Germany. Sometimes Austria (captained by Dr. Walter Kutscher) has edged ahead in the final result, whilst on other occasions it has been Germany (presented by VINUM editor Rudolf Knoll) that has been left celebrating. Now we have a new special issue featuring a head-to-head between two prestigious associations that have taken up the cause of vineyard classifications. In the German corner is the VDP (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates), founded in 1910. Austria’s selection of wines is presented by the ÖTW (Austrian Association of Traditional Wine Estates). The grape variety of choice is Riesling from the 2019 vintage, in wines with the designation Großes Gewächs (VDP) and Erste/Große Lage (ÖTW). An evenly divided six-person panel will evaluate the wines in front of an audience.