Side Events

A visit to VieVinum also means exploring different wine regions, grape varieties
and the associated vintners’ philosophies. This will best be accomplished
by attending some of the diverse programs with special tastings moderated
by top-class experts.

11:30 am - June 9

Tasting with Respect

Schatzkammersaal 11:30-12:45

Free entrance

Language: English

Exclusively limited to press, hospitality and trade.

Registration required:

+43 1 913 42 74

The respekt-BIODYN wineries will present their wines - collectively for more individuality

Conducted by Stephan Reinhardt, The Wine Advocate

respekt-BIODYN: Internationally renowned wineries in Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary. Wineries that stand for the highest quality wines, with maximum individuality.

Founded in 2007, these twenty-two vintners produce their wines according to strict biodynamic guidelines, and will present one wine each at this event as a representative of their winery.

And they are: Paul Achs, Judith Beck, Clemens Busch, Steffen Christmann, Kurt Feiler, Karl Fritsch, Michael Goëss-Enzenberg/Manincor, Andreas Gsellmann, Gernot Heinrich, Johannes Hirsch, Fred Loimer, Hans Nittnaus, Bernhard Ott, Gerhard Pittnauer, Claus Preisinger, Hansjörg Rebholz, Franz Wehrheim, Franz Reinhard Weninger, Fritz Wieninger/Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann, Philipp Wittmann and Herbert Zillinger.

12:30 pm - June 9

The old Wachau?

Metternichsaal 12:30-14:30

Entrance: 80 Euro per person

Limited number of participants; event begins promptly.

Registration required:

For decades, names like Achleiten, Loibenberg and Singerriedel have graced the labels of bottles, designating wines of unique character. First mentioned in 14th century documents, these vineyard names have been faithfully preserved for generations. Today, these witnesses to a centuries-old heritage stand at the pinnacle among designations of origin.

Vinea Wachau invites you to discover how the Wachau’s vineyard names developed and to learn about the history of the Wachau’s wines through vintages covering four decades.

Tasting with commentary including simultaneous interpreting into English.

14:00 pm - June 9

2015 – Great year and great wines from the Renowned Wineries of Burgenland



Free entrance

Registration required:

The year: Good water supply, plenty of sunshine, balanced growth, cool nights during the ripening stage, settled and dry weather when harvesting, good sugar concentration – a vintage that leaves nothing to be desired.

The wines: Much like a good many superstars, great vintages capture the heart of the wine lover. Talent, character and ageing potential are raved about from the very beginning. A good many stars then end up in a bottle and the glass of the consumer far too early.

As members of RWB, we attach great importance to making sure our wines have time to age slowly and steadily – we advocate giving great wines from great vintages however the time they need.

More than 30 months after the harvest, we want to allow a glimpse at the best examples of the great 2015 vintage and dare to peek into the future.

15:00 pm - June 9

Young winemakers matured wild

Künstlerzimmer 15:00-16:15

Free entrance

Registration required:

We are out to ask the big question. Who ages better? We or our wines? We fear the answer but still dare to put us on the test. 15 winemakers, once young but still wild, open bottles they produced in the early stages of their career. Juvenile indiscretions or early masterpieces? We will see. In the presence of the winemakers we will taste ourselves through time and talk about the then and now.

Presented by: Dirk Würtz

16:00 pm - June 9


Schatzkammersaal 16:00-17:30

Entrance: 35 Euro per person

Language: English

Limited number of participants

Registration required:

The alpine wine growing areas of Europe such as Austria, Switzerland, Alto Adige and Germany have been producing world class Pinot Noirs for the past few decades. Following a recent tasting organized by Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW entitled “The World's Greatest Pinot Noirs Today, Outside of Burgundy” that focussed exclusively on rare Pinots of the New World, this masterclass will examine the potential of the Pinot Noirs from German speaking Europe. This comparative tasting conducted by international Masters of Wine and other leading experts is supported by The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) and Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB).

16:00 pm - June 9

United by Blaufränkisch

Metternichsaal 16:00-18:00

For more information please email:

Some sixty wine producers from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic, along with colleagues from Slovenia and Austria, will be presenting their finest wines made from the noble grape variety known variously as LEMBERGER / KÉKFRANKOS / FRANKOVKA MODRÁ / BURGUND MARE / FRANKOVKA / MODRA FRANKINJA or BLAUFRÄNKISCH, each in three vintages. This tasting will provide a showcase for the many variants and their individual nuances, as well as the differing terroirs of this great autochthonous Central European variety. The presentation should also provide plenty of material for discussion and stimulating conversations with the winegrowers about their essential visions, their passion and their individual interpretations of the Blaufränker.

16:45 pm - June 9

Leithaberg and its vineyard sites

Künstlerzimmer 16:45-18:00

Free entrance

Registration required:

presented in white and red

Limestone and mica-shist, Lake Neusiedl and Leitha Mountain, traditional grape varieties are the perfect conditions for great single vineyard wines from Leithaberg.

Get to know the region with it´s reknown wines like Goldberg, Altenberg, Gritschenberg,… during a set tasting held by Raimonds Tomsons, Sommelier European Champion. Be convinced by the best Leithaberg wines out of Blaufränkisch, Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc and Neuburger.

09:30 am - June 10

Zweigelt – the underappreciated grape variety!

Metternichsaal 09:30-12:00
For more information, please contact:
Language: English
Exclusively limited to press, hospitality and trade

In this master class (presented in English), renowned wine expert Anne Krehbiel MW will get to the bottom of the barrel, exploring the characteristics and particulars of the grape variety Zweigelt. In fact, there is a wide spectrum of samples here waiting to be analysed: the grape is cultivated in almost all of Austria’s winegrowing regions – in Kamptal, in Wagram, in the Thermenregion, in the Weinviertel, in Wien (Vienna), in Carnuntum, all around Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland and in the Steiermark... Zweigelt’s expressive nature changes with the territory, developing widely varied personalities. In a blind tasting, one becomes aware of which soils, which climatic conditions and which methods of vinification yield the most satisfying results. But which style has the greatest chances of achieving international success? What does the future hold for this so very Austrian vine? Exciting questions that you can explore with well-informed moderator Ms Kriebehl and the winegrowers. 

10:00 am - June 10

Wiener Gemischter Satz – The capital wine of Vienna

Schatzkammersaal 10:00-11:15

Free entrance

Language: English

Registration required:

The WienWein group wants to take you on a journey through the vineyards of Vienna, which wine-growing region is by no means the largest wine region for a city. The most important wine in the city of Vienna is the “Wiener Gemischter Satz”, a style of wine with a very long viticultural tradition in this region. The vines of different grape varieties literally grow “mixed up” in a vineyard. These grapes are harvested, pressed and processed together, to reflect regional typicity and terroir. Since 2013 it is awarded with the coveted DAC status and the WienWein group wants to give you an insight into the influence of varietals, signature, terroir and aging potential.

11:00 am - June 10

Weinviertel DAC Reserve in comparison with international greats

Künstlerzimmer 11:00-12:15

Language: German

Free entrance

Registration required:

The Weinviertel presents an exciting tasting highlight with the opportunity to measure its top wines against classics from regions like Piedmont, Chablis and Meursault. Since the 2009 vintage, the Weinviertel DAC Reserve wines have been positioned in the premium wine segment and enthuse national and international connoisseurs and sommeliers with their impressive quality and ability to pair well with food. Typical Grüner Veltliner aroma of white pepper, piquant spice and harmonious play of fruit and acidity are attributes of Weinviertel DAC Reserve that provide tremendous pleasure. “Reserve” is the accolade that stands for ageing potential, uniqueness and above all, for highest quality. Just how these wines deserve this accolade is demonstrated in this tasting of a selection of the best Weinviertel DAC Reserve wines alongside great international classics of the wine world.

12:30 pm - June 10

Austria Advanced Level – The Great Wines from the Thermenregion: Masterclass & Grand Tasting

Schatzkammersaal 12:00-13:15

Free entrance

Language: German and English

Registration required:

Interested in learning about one of Austria's original wine regions and its exciting varietals? Join us for an exploration of the Thermenregion, located in the heart of the Austrian wine country, with its signature mesoclimate and terroir. This region is renowned for two of the noblest and most historically important white varietals of Austria: Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. Journey through the evolution of these unique, native varietals from their origins to the current wines of extraordinary quality and character.

Discover the distinctive terroir of Thermenregion's signature red wines: Pinot Noir and St. Laurent. Broaden your Austrian wine expertise and come for a fascinating and insightful workshop with Master of Wine, Dr. Josef Schuller, and the leading winemakers of the region.

13:00 pm - June 10

Wines of Croatia and Slovenia

Künstlerzimmer 13:00-14:15

Free entrance

Language: Englisch

Registration required:

Speaker: Saša Špiranec, wine writer, regional specialist

Croatia and Slovenia are exciting and emerging wine regions with lots of unique and authentic wines. This masterclass will give you an opportunity to experience the most important varieties of these two countries. All the wines are representatives of their local heritage, but at the same time ultimately delicious and modern. Malvazija Istriana of Croatian and Slovenian Istria is magnificent variety produced in range of styles; from refreshing everyday wines to complex and developed ones with serious ageing potential. Graševina is a star of continental part of both countries, the most common and the most popular variety produced in range of styles - all the way from dry to ice wines. Teran and Refosco are reds which give a special quality in Istria, and Plavac mali is the king of reds in Dalmatia.

14:00 pm - June 10

Can the significance of individual vineyard sites (Rieden) be measured?

Metternichsaal 14:00-17:00

Language: English

Exclusively limited to press, hospitality and trade;

Registration required:



The Österreichischen Traditionsweingüter don’t make things easy for themselves. Beginning in 1992, the growers’ association has set itself the task of establishing a system of classification for vineyard sites in Austria. But is there a way of objectively quantifying and communicating the significance of the individual sites?

Which parameters set an Erste Lage (1er Cru, first growth) site apart from a good, solid vineyard? How does one decide to designate a site «Grosse Lage» (Grand cru)?

Chairman Michael Moosbrugger (Schloss Gobelsburg) will deliver a talk, to be followed by a discussion, in which the criteria relevant to evaluating classified vineyard sites will be delineated.

The focal point of this session will be the presentation of those regions that will as of 2018 become a part of the classification process, and thus advance the association of Österreichischen Traditionsweingüter toward becoming a national movement.

15:00 pm - June 10


Künstlerzimmer 15:00-16:15

Free entrance

Registration required:

More information:,


Swiss Wine Promotion

Switzerland is rich in wine specialties from native grapes like Arvine, Bondola and Completer, just to name a few. What characterizes almost all of these wines, from rare to the rarest grape varieties, is their surprising aging potential. The renowned association Mémoire des Vins Suisses, whose members are the elite of Swiss wine producers, experts and journalists from throughout the country, carefully fosters several of these mainly alpine jewels in its treasury of memorable wines. For the first time at VieVinum it will be possible to taste selected wines of the treasury, some over ten years old, which have long been sold out commercially. The goal of this exclusive tasting, moderated by Mémoire co-founder Andreas Keller, is to show the often underestimated aging potential and thus the nobility of great Swiss wines. Be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

16:00 pm - June 10

International sparkling wine contest – Austria v. Germany

Schatzkammersaal 16:00-17:15

Free entrance

Registration required:

The Germans drink much more sparkling wine per head than the Austrians, but which country can lay claim to the best sparkling wine collections? An answer to this question is being provided by the traditional, once again very exciting international contest being organised by the European wine magazine VINUM. The Austrians and Germans are squaring up in sparkling form across categories such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, Weißer Burgunder and Sauvignon Blanc. Team leaders Dr. Walter Kutscher (Austria) and Rudi Knoll (Germany) have each selected eleven top-quality sparkling wines which will be tasted blind to a 20-point system by a specialist panel with equal representation from both countries. Which country will be popping corks when it is all over?

10:30 am - June 11

Austrian Sekt: Proetcted designation of origin – proven quality | A „ripened“ vertical

Künstlerzimmer 10:30-11:45

Entrance: 15 Euro

Registration required:

Austrian Sparkling Wine Comitee presents a tasting along the three steps of newly established quality pyramide for Austrian sparkling wine of protected origin: Klassik – Reserve – Grand Reserve.

Within this guided tasting trade visitors get an insight of taste development along longer storage. What enables a product for a longer storage? Explore the new pyramidal quality system and get a perspective on products of the three different levels.

Also visit Austrian Sparkling Wine Comitee at its own Sparkling Wine Bar at „Platzl“ direct after grand staircase. Discover and enjoy the broad variety of Austrian Sparkling wine. Watch out for the label „Austrian Sparkling Quality“ in the catalogue and ask for sparkling products at these exhibitors´ stands.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Austrian Sparkling Wine Comitee

11:45 am - June 11

Digging deep: Styria’s great soil variety by comparison

Schatzkammersaal 11:45-13:00

Free entrance

Language: English

Registration required:

James E. Wilson once aptly called the soil “the soul of the vineplant”. And indeed the soil’s great significance for the wine – naturally in connection with myriad other factors influencing the terroir – cannot be contested.

Together, let us take a journey into deeper grounds and discover the great diversity of Styrian soils. For this, we will taste the king of Styrian grape varieties: the Sauvignon blanc from sand, slate, gravel but also fossil limestone, volcanic rocks and “Opok”. In addition to that, we will look into the genesis of Styrian soils.

13:00 pm - June 11

Characteristic Wines of Styria - Unmistakable winemaker signatures X distinctive style

Künstlerzimmer 13:00-14:15
Free entrance
Limited number of participants
Registration required:

The group of "characteristic wineries of Styria" is going to take you on a journey through the vine-yards of Styria. Not only are we going to present wines representative of their particular terroir, but also share stories about their Styrian regions. Not at all replaceable!
Try Styrian Classics, terroir & single vineyard wines, and also modern, new wine ideas.
Commented Flights for five wines promise to reveal the unmistakable signatures and distinctive style of their winemakers to you.
We are looking forward to welcoming you for an interesting tasting!

14:15 pm - June 11


Schatzkammersaal 14:15-15:30

Free entrance

Languages: German & English

Registration required

The Mittelburgenland vintners take 20 years of VieVinum as occasion to review wines reaching back to the year 1997. They will be presenting vintages that were immediately heralded as “great” as well as those that were originally misjudged – but began to shine only after a few years in the bottle. Under the guidance of internationally recognised wine experts, you will taste 20 years of brilliant Blaufränkisch gems from the Mittelburgenland. Discover which parameters have proven to be a recipe for success over the long term and what predictions can be derived for current vintages.

15:30 pm - June 11

Wines of Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro

Künstlerzimmer 15:30-17:00

Free entrance

Language: Englisch

Registration required:


Zoltán Gyõrffy, Hungary

Igor Luković, Serbia

Being aware of increasing interest in wines and varieties from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and other regions of New Europe, this masterclass will give you an overview of authentic wine styles from those countries. All the wines are representative of their local heritage. Join us, and we will take you on a journey where you will meet Furmint of Tokaji region and reds of Villány and Szekszárd - signature wines of Hungary. Vranac is the most prominent variety of Macedonia and Montenegro and you can experience some of the best from both countries. Prokupac is authentic ancient Serbian red variety that became very popular in recent years. In Romania, leaders are Fetasca Neagra, Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala, also original and native varieties worth of your attention, check them all.